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Buy 1, Give 1 - Next Gen Hot Wheels Collectors

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You buy a Hot Wheels car, we donate a Protector Pack.

These donations will be given to the most deserving young children at events and for special occasions like Christmas.  We wish to captivate the minds of these young children so they can share the passion for collecting.

These children are our next generation of collectors.  Watch their eyes light up as they receive this gift to start their own collection.

  • Customers can purchase a Hot Wheels car by way of donating $3 through our online store by adding the ‘Buy 1 Give 1’ product to their shopping cart.
  • We will purchase the Hot Wheels stock and give 2 cars to each kid with two protector packs. They may choose to keep one to store away and open another to play with.
  • Customers can also donate any unwanted cars (packaged or loose) to us for this same cause.  If you wish to donate in this way please email us at: to show your interest
  • We will aim to acquire Hot Wheels stock at special $1 AUD prices so your donations stretch the furthest possible.
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