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About Us

“Companies that solely focus on competition will die. Those that focus on value creation will thrive.”  – Edward de Bono

We are a forward thinking and innovative company.

Our focus

  • Deliver products that collectors want
  • Provide products to collectors that increase and enhance their collectible investments
  • Provide exceptional customer experiences

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Our operation is based in Australia.  We currently market our business worldwide and dispatch from Australia to the rest of the world. 

While personally we are only new to collecting we have quickly discovered what collectors are missing.  We have listened and we have delivered.

Why until now has there never been a short card protector pack produced?

Other companies will only produce one standard long card mould to protect the majority of Hot Wheels both long card versions and short card versions.  They are interested only in maximising profit.  We are interested in giving fellow collectors what they need.


We will continue to produce Protector Packs for a range of Diecast Collectibles

Our timeline

June 2016

Began collecting Hot Wheels with our children

September 2016

Began market research into the availability of Protector Packs for all varieties of Hot Wheels collections.

October 2016

Supplier sourced and product development and testing begun

2 November 2016


28 March 2017

Final approval of samples.  Mass production begins.  (We took about 5 months to develop what we wanted)

7 May 2017

All stock in our Australian warehouse ready to dispatch


July 2017

Produce Johnny Lightning and Pop Culture/Retro Protector Packs


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